Why See the World? – Livin’ Single Series

I used to hesitate to travel extensively during my singleness. I thought I should wait until I was in a committed relationship before getting out and exploring the world. In all honesty, I was afraid of becoming too much, too well-traveled, too bold, too knowledgeable, for any man that might want to get to know me. After a lot of prayer, and therapy, I now understand that if I have to limit myself for a relationship, that relationship is not for me. Even the God I serve tells me the sky is not the limit for all He has in store for me. 

Before my mindset changed, I kept a close watch on how much I traveled because I wanted to “save some places” to explore with bae. While there are some places that I’d prefer to visit with my future significant other (S.O.), if an opportunity arises to visit one of those places today, I will hop on that plane. I’ve taken the limits off of myself and I want to fully enjoy my youth, which includes my time being single and completely independent. This is a unique time in my life where I have 100% say in what I do with my time and money. That’s a gift I no longer want to waste. 

I’ve come to understand two very important things:

  1. It takes more work to travel with another person because you both need to coordinate schedules and work on a shared budget, and the compromise doesn’t end there.
  2. If you liked somewhere so much, keep it on your list to experience with your future S.O. If you didn’t like the place, now you know you don’t want to go there if your S.O. suggests it. 

Traveling expands our view of the world, the way we interact with people different from us, and to be honest, it just makes you come off way cooler. Think of well-read, well-traveled people you know, don’t they seem more open to the fun things of life? In my opinion, adventure takes us out of our comfort zone, with each trip incrementally increasing our desire and willingness to try new things. Through traveling, whether far to somewhere on the Asian continent or near like the countryside of your state, you learn more about yourself and God. 

Traveling has played a significant role in my self-discovery. My trips have shown me how easily I can adapt to a new environment, how quick I can build a community around myself once in a new place, and how resilient I am when the unexpected happens. Traveling helps me rely more on God. I rely on God to make each day its own unique adventure. I rely on Him to bring people on my path that will be a blessing to me and vice versa. Most importantly, I rely on Him to keep me safe, and I have some crazy travel stories that reveal that God’s hand was definitely on me, keeping me secure.

Travel for you. Don’t wait for another person in order to encounter and enjoy what this world has to offer. Imagine telling your significant other, once you both meet, stories about your adventures, people you met, and places where you encountered God powerfully? Imagine their face lighting up with amusement and intrigue as they feel even more blessed to have the honor to know someone so captivating, bold, and confident because traveling has helped developed those traits in you. Take off the limits, there are breathtaking views to take in and mouthwatering cuisines to experience.

This planet has 195 countries (not counting millions of cities and towns) to explore. Travel to have your own stories to tell your future daughter(s) and son(s) to inspire them to take their own solo (or with friends) adventures. When two heads come together, compromise becomes necessary. All the places you may want explore, your S.O. may not. Go see the parts of the world you want to see while you can. When two heads come together, the possibilities become endless. Who knows? Your future S.O. may want to explore together that may not even be on your bucket list.

It’s time to take the limits off of yourself and go explore.

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