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So over a week ago I told you guys that I was going to make the change from my “other brand” deodorant to a natural deodorant, Nourish Natural Fresh Fig to be specific. I also said I would share my experience with you guys after a week or so. So here goes:

The first day was good, the deodorant held up but I also did not do much in terms of running around and taking care of errands. A couple of days later I went for a friend’s Xmas party and oh my gosh! I’ve never felt so insecure. I don’t know if it was because I was nervous to meet people or because I was not in a social mood but man I swear I thought I had the worse body odor at that party. I was sweating and smelling like “myself” and I just wanted to tell my underarms this was not the time nor place to smell like “myself.” ALSO I finally understood what my friend meant to smell like “myself.” It’s not body odor but it’s just YOU the way nature warrantied. It’s definitely something that has to be personally experienced to fully comprehend. SO YEAH, Nourish was not receiving the greatest reviews for holding up in awkward social situations. SO I DECIDED to buy an “other brand” deodorant (different from my last one and a more favored brand). I bought this “other brand” to use for like when I go out to dates and I don’t think smelling like myself will help me feel sexy or boost my confidence. Also I alternate between Nourish and “other brand.” This brings me to my second point. After using Nourish consecutively for like three days or so I found that when I took a shower I had to like seriously scrub my underarms to get rid of the sort of waxy residue it left behind. Sometimes after a shower I could still smell Nourish on my underarms. So it’s kind of hard to get rid of from skin but NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Overall I think it’s best to alternate between Nourish and “other brand.” Of course I use “other brand” less often than I use Nourish but I find that one needs a break from Nourish. Maybe it’s just that brand.

What has been the experience using other brands of natural deodorant?

In the long-run is the natural deodorant route more beneficial?

AGAIN, it did cost $3.99 which is so awesome!

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