Round 2: @enni_ai

Round 2: @enni_ai

Hey guys!

So before I started this blog, I think since the beginning of my freshman year, I made a Twitter. Now I must say that I am such a terrible “tweeter” (is that a thing?). My Twitter was supposed to be professional but it turned into my being angsty online and so it became private. Well! NOW I’m trying to bring it back. I am so nervous for some reason. Like super nervous. I feel as though I have nothing to say in that 140 characters. Is what I’m thinking worthwhile sharing, you know? Anyway with 2014, I’d like to reintroduce my Twitter page. You can read what used to be on my mind before I was a christian (I find that it may be boring and weird). And you can follow me to find out what’s on my mind now. Though I really don’t know what since I’m super nervous to express myself.

Once I get over that maybe it’ll be good.

What do you guys with Twitters share with the world?

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