You Are My Treasure

(after one of my mornings of dancing to “Treasure”)

You guys. So here’s a not-so-secret secret about myself. Almost each morning after I’ve finished getting ready to leave my place (so eaten breakfast, showered, etc) I love to have a little dance to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Actually ‘little’ is an understatement I have a full-out soul-train line with myself to this song. Almost every morning. Except for the past couple of days. I’ve been home from school and I’ve been stressing about what my grades will be (it was a challenging semester). Anyway this afternoon while I was driving to my dental appointment (my life pops off you guys) I turned on the radio and voilà! What was playing other than “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. I was so ecstatic, like if you drove past me you would’ve probably caught the bug and started dancing in your car as well. Anyway it was such an encouraging moment. It was like God knew just what I needed, which was to get out of my head. I took that moment as my Father reminding me that I am a treasure, His treasure to be more specific. And nothing should ever make me think otherwise.

I encourage you guys can take time outside of your worries and take notice of the little but inspiring ways God reminds us of his love.

Do you guys do any fun morning rituals to start-off your day?

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