Today I made a monumental change in my life of hygiene. I made the switch from my, let’s call it “other brand,” deodorant that contained 20% aluminum oxide to natural deodorant that contains no chemicals and no antiperspirant. This change has been months in the making. Each morning I’ve been reminding myself that once I finished my “other brand” deodorant I would try a natural one. My friend and I made the trip to WholeFoods yesterday where we sniffed and critiqued all the natural deodorants available, including men’s. My friend Lauren already uses natural deodorant, she’s been using it since the summer and seems to like it. One thing I was weary about was smelling funky after just two hours of use, call me dramatic but these are real fears. She explained to me that sure you don’t get the 24-hour protection that you are guaranteed when you use an “other brand” type of deodorant but when the natural deodorant starts to dissolve more into your pores ‘you just smell like you,’ Lauren said. ‘What is that? Is it B-O?’ I asked worriedly. ‘No, just like you…you’ll know when you try it,’ she said. So I bought Nourish Natural Fresh Fig (it smells so good but not overwhelming). It cost almost four dollars so there wasn’t much to lose as it was even cheaper than most “other brand” deodorants. Anyway today was my first day of trying it and really it wasn’t until I was taking a shower tonight that I remembered I had it on. It held up for the day and I am pretty impressed. I will definitely give it another week to give more accurate reviews since I’ll be doing more activity for the week as compared to the day. Perhaps I’ll also learn what it’s like to “smell like me”.

Do you guys have any brand of natural deodorant you have been meaning to try?

If you already use natural deodorant what has been your experience with (pleasant or unpleasant) odor?


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