April Showered Blessings

April showers

April was not easy. Easy is hardly a word that simply slips off the tongue during these unprecedented times. I wrestled with loneliness during April. I wrestled with restlessness over how long this global lockdown will last. I wrestled with anger and confusion over what is going on in our world. I wrestled with doubt in God’s promises for me and if He is really sovereign over everything. I wrestled and I writhed. Through it all, God kept repeating the same thing to me:

“Be still…”

It drove me crazy at first. Over time I think the Holy Spirit helped me reason that it’s either I obey God’s loving command to be still or I perpetually frustrate myself to no end because God certainly would not be budged from His throne. So I chose the former. In striving for stillness, God showered me with inexplicable blessings during the month of April. I feel like the tree Jeremiah described as rooted beside a stream, bearing fruit during a season lacking rain (metaphorical rain as this April was pretty rainy).

Here are some ways God watered my soul this month:

What’s giving you hope during these strange times?

Photos: Loris Marie and Tamas Tuzes-Katai

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