February Made Hearts Leap

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‘There I go, there I go, there I go,….there I goooooooo” sings February as it passes us by. At some point this month we were all bitten by the love bug that put us in moody’s mood for love. I know I was!

I celebrated love in so many forms this month. (And yes, single people can celebrate love and be entirely content while doing so). I celebrated love as I watched my close friend enter the beautiful union of marriage with the man she loves! I’m pretty sure I could fill a shot glass with all the tears of joy I cried that day!

I celebrated the love I have for my niece and nephew as I played tag, cops and robbers, Mario Kart, and all of the games that sprung from their imagination one Sunday evening in February.

I got to bask even more in God’s beautiful and never-ending love for me, which He demonstrated through endless whispers in my spirit, in music lyrics, in scriptures and more!

Here are some of the lovely inspirations our Heavenly Father planted in my heart:

There you have it! Some of the stuff that helped me put love on top!

What motivated you to love this month?

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