January is a Mood

Prodigal love Jan Mood Board

I can’t believe we’re almost through the end of January!

Welcome to a monthly post called ‘(Month) Is A Mood’ where I will share inspiring scriptures, videos, songs, and more each month.

Keeping in line with the theme of the month— ‘Renewal‘—here’s some content that has inspired renewal and rejuvenation:

  • It’s hard NOT to move your hips to Latin music (Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton)! God knows how much I love dancing and He led me to this awesome Christian Reggaeton mix (it’s soooo lit…no Spanish understanding necessary to dance your heart out).
  • Having faith is a process of wrestling to trust in who God is. I am exercising A LOT of faith this month as I wait for God to fulfill His promises to me. This scripture has helped me cling tight to the fact that our God is faithful.
  • Have you ever entered a new year with relationship baggage and hurt you hoped to leave behind in the previous year? Relationships will hurt us sometimes, even our relationship to the church can fester into a sore wound. I love how the Lindseys explore how to identify and heal from church hurt.
  • I am finishing a simultaneously challenging but refreshing Daniel Fast. I got really creative with my meal prep thanks to inspiration from videos like this and this!
  • Over the years I’ve incorporated meditation into my faith. I listen to meditations on Abide’s YouTube channel to help me fall asleep, calm down when I’m anxious or upset, or just to relax my mind. This particular meditation was EVERYTHING for me this month.

There you have it! Some of the great content God used to inspire and motivate me this month. I hope these things uplift and refresh your mood as well!

What has uplifted your mood this January?

Photos: Guillaume Bolduc, Essentialiving, and Hello Revival

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