Being home for Thanksgiving (my first time being home for Thanksgiving since high school) I realized how comfortable and almost stress-free it is to be home. Once I leave the high-paced environment of my university, located deep within the nation’s capital, I just relax. And I think more clearly. I think of the important things. Like familial relations and future relationships I’d like to have. I also have more of a grasp on where I am in my relationship with God. I catch up with myself in every department of my life. It’s so amazing. Of course this experience is blissful for about a week before I grow tired of complete darkness and quiet at 10 p.m. and I begin to crave the city life. Another thing I realized is my style encompasses more of my personality when I am home. Perhaps it’s because I’m more in tune with myself so I express myself better? I mean I don’t dress like that (see post picture) in public of course. But my style is more experimental and creative at home. It’s more fun. I put together what I want and wear it much more confidently. So this made me think ‘has college succeeded at stealing some of my style confidence?’

Doubt it.

(Probably just preoccupied with excessive homework.)

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